Tiefling Last Names

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The tiefling last name indicates their family name or surname. 

In this article, you will get all the information regarding the Tiefling family names.

So, in the context of tieflings we got a question “Do Tieflings have the last name?”

Do Tieflings have the last name?

Yes, they have last names. As surname in humans is very important, the same goes for Tieflings because last names of Tieflings shows the sept or clans of tieflings. 

So, let’s go through a great list of Tiefling surnames. 

Tiefling Last Names List

Tiefling is one of the interesting races in the DnD game. So, here we are providing a great list of Tiefling Surnames so you can pick one of them according to your interest.

100+ Tiefling Last Names:-


Ambert Ambershard Anlow Arkalis Amarzian
Brada Benvolio Bedrich Ballard Benak
Cuttlescar Copperhearth Cerma Carnavon Celik
Dalkon Demir Dirke Drumwind Donoghan
Eandro Evermead Eleftheriou Erbil Ereghast


Fletcher Falken Fallenbridge Fryft Faringray
Gullscream Griswold Gomec Girgis Goldrudder
Hyden Hartman Hamlin Hackshield Huba
Ibrarvi Iscitan Incubore Janda Jeras
Kaya Kirca Kroft Kreel Krynt


Lanik Leyten Lavant Lynchfield Muhtar
Mubarak Moonridge Meklan Madian Mansur
Novak Ningyan Navaren Netheridge Norris
Ongald Oyal Ozdemir Onstingim Oakenheart
Pyncion Polat Paradas Pekkan PieterIscalon


Quentin Rockharvest Ratley Rigirre Redraven
Sevenson Sawalha Sahin Sarzan Samm
Talfen Torzalan Targana Thom Talandro
Umbermoor Vrye Varzand Vadu Varcona
Wolfram Wilxes Wintermere Welfer Wendell
Yilmaz Zatchet

Naming Conventions and Culture 

Tiefling last name depends on where they were raised and by whom. Some of the Tiefling lines maintain their human last name from one to another generation.


Tiefling appears amongst human populations and tackles the cultural traditions of their surroundings.

The Tieflings can adopt their devil kin’s name as a surname or they can use their family name as a surname. 


So, these are some well known DnD 5E Tiefling last names (Where 5E indicates 5th edition of the game Dungeons and Dragons) and all the important information regarding Tiefling surnames.

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group of different tieflings

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Tiefling Virtue Names : List of all famous virtue names

tiefling virtue names

Board games and Fantasy roleplaying games are amazing and fun things to play. In this post, you will get to know all the information about DnD Tiefling virtue names and how do these names work. You will also get some of the very famous virtue names lists in this article.

So let’s begin,

Tiefling Virtue Names list

Tiefling is a powerful and very interesting race of game DnD. So here we are providing some of the best  Virtue names list based upon power of tieflings so one can find his favorite Tieflings roleplay name according to his interest.

100+ Tiefling Virtue names:-


Anarchy, Anger, Aptitude, Aria, Ardent, Arise, Anguish, Anchor, Apology

Blame, Bliss, Belief, Blessing, Beauty, Bravery, Blaze, Bond, Benevolent, Blithe, Bitter

Craven, Carrion, Capable, Carrion, Casualty, Chance, Charade, Celerity, Caution, Caress, Charisma, Chaos, Change, Candor, Calm, Care,

Darling, Dart, Dawn, Delight, Defiance, Delirium, Death, Deliverance, Defile, Deft

Eloquence, Elusive, Enigma, Edge, Endure, Ember, Empathy, Ennui, Ecstasy

Fear, Flair, Farewell, Faith, Flaw, Favor, Fate, Fascination, Flight, Fluke

Gallant, Generous, Gem, Glee, Gift, Gentle, Gaiety, Glory, Gamble

Harbor, Harmony, Havoc, Hazard, Haste, Hardy, Harm, Harvest, Haunted, Haven

Increase, Infinity, Ideal, Integrity, Inferno, Instinct, Imagine, Idea

Joy, Just, Jaunty, Jubilee, Journey, Justice Judgment, Joker

Kindness, Knack

Light, Laughter, Liberty, Legacy, Level, Lament, Legend, Liberation

Martyr, Magic, Melody, Memory, Mayhem, Meander, Malevolence, Majesty

Nothing, Nobody, Noble

example of tiefling virtue names

Peace, Panic, Panache, Pardon, Patience, Parry, Passion, Plague, Pleasant

Quicken, Question, Quest

Refrain, Remark, Recollection, Remorse, Regret, Regal, Remember, Repentance, Rebel

Serenity, Sharp, Secret, Shame, Shelter, Silence, Sincerity, Severity, Serendipity

Treason, Torch, Torment, Tranquil, Tolerance, Treachery, Tragedy, Treasure

Unique, Undone, Union, Unity

Verity, Vice, Violence, Victor, Virtue, Venture, Valor, Value, Vigor, Vigil, Vanity

Whisper, Wary, Warrant, Will, Wish, Weary, Wisdom, Wealth, Welcome, Way

Zeal, Zenith, Zealot


What are Tiefling Virtue Names?

The DnD Tiefling has usually a “Virtue” that personifies the Tiefling alacrity to find a place in the world that is created by the Dungeon Master.

The Tiefling virtue names are the virtue names of a brutal bloodline of an evil race in the famous fantasy roleplay game “Dungeons and Dragons(DnD)”.

The names of these mythical fictitious creatures are after their strength, ability, virtue and emotions that they have in adequacy.
So basically, They need strong emotional names according to their nature and virtue.
So this gives us a clear explanation of the question.

How to find Tiefling Virtue Names?

People who like Dungeons and Dragons game love Tieflings because of their Power, Strength, and abilities.

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This fictitious race of dark appearance which comes from a brutal bloodline and also like a humanoid is one of the fan favorites characters in the game. But it is a little difficult to find and choose Tiefling Virtue names according to your requirements and interest. Well, Now this issue comes to an end so we have picked up some of the best virtue name list and you can find the best names in the list posted above.

How do Tiefling Virtue Names work?

As we have discussed above, That is to say Tieflings are a fictitious race who are named after their qualities and virtue. Their names symbolize their behavioral qualities and alacrity to stay in the fictitious world of Dungeons and Dragons.

Traditionally, Tiefling names are based on the gender of the demon that spawned the specific bloodline, But names are vague, applying evenly to either gender. These names signify a virtue that belongs to the Tieflings.

So basically this is how these names work.

Tiefling Virtue Names 5E

Firstly Tiefling was introduced in the 2nd edition of Dungeons and Dragons game and the Tiefling appears as a player character race in the Player’s Handbook for the 4th edition. Here 5E denotes the 5th edition of Dungeons and Dragons game. So basically these numbers define the version of the game but the definition and the names are the same according to their Virtue and abilities.


So, these are some of the best and well known  virtue names and all the information related to this topic.

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